Signac 1.1.0

New functionality:

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Signac 1.0.0

This release includes major updates to the Signac package, including new functionality, performance improvements, and new data structures.

The entire package has been updated to use the new ChromatinAssay class for the storage of single-cell chromatin data. This is an extension of the standard Seurat Assay that adds additional slots needed for the analysis of chromatin data, including genomic ranges, genome information, fragment file information, motifs, gene annotations, and genomic links.

In addition, we have defined a new Fragment class to store information relating to a fragment file. This makes use of the fragment files within Signac more robust, as checks are now performed to verify that the expected cells are present in the fragment file, and that the fragment file or index are not modified on disk.

Key new functionality:

Other changes:

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