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A package for making glow-y plots

The glow package is a framework for creating plots with glowing points as an alternative way of plotting large point clouds.

Diamond Prices Glow-y Spiral
Milky Way Galaxy (6.1 million stars)
Airline Dataset (145 million points) Methylation 450K Volcano Plot
U.S. Coronavirus Cases



Some advantages over traditional techniques


Creating a glow plot is done through the GlowMapper or GlowMapper4 classes, which utilize the R6 class framework.

The class function $map creates a raster that can be plotted with ggplot’s geom_raster.

See the help files and tests/examples.r for more information and examples.

library(viridisLite) # Magma color scale

# Load the dataset
gm <- GlowMapper$new(xdim=2000, ydim = 2000, blend_mode = "screen", nthreads=nt)
gm$map(x=diamonds$carat, y=diamonds$price, intensity=1, radius = .1)
pd <- gm$output_dataframe(saturation = 1)
ggplot() + 
  geom_raster(data = pd, aes(x = pd$x, y = pd$y, fill = pd$value), show.legend = F) +
  scale_fill_gradientn(colors = additive_alpha(magma(12))) +
  coord_fixed(gm$aspect(), xlim = gm$xlim(), ylim = gm$ylim()) + 
  labs(x = "carat", y = "price") + 
  theme_night(bgcolor = magma(1))