Introduction to the DealGPL570 package


GEO provides a wealth of biology related data, and GPL570 (Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array) is one of the the most common biological chip platform.Although the post-processed matrix data are always provided, but the RAW data are most convincing! Here we developed to deal GPL570 RAW.tar file using the robust multi-array average expression measure, and returns data frame which is expression profile. Plus: DealGPL570 function can filter cels which are not of GPL570 platform in the RAW.tar file.


Load package.


You can put your own GSE*_RAW.tar under the working directory, now we download one online and test! First running this package, you need to keep your device online.

GEOquery::getGEOSuppFiles("GSE104683", makeDirectory = FALSE, baseDir = tempdir())
file <- list.files(path = tempdir(), pattern = "GSE104683_RAW.tar", full.names = TRUE)
result <- DealGPL570(file = file)
result[1:5, 1:3]

When type is “probeID”~

result <- DealGPL570(file = file, type = "probeID")
result[1:5, 1:2]

And when type is “geneSymbol”~

result <- DealGPL570(file = file, type = "geneSymbol")
result[1:5, 1:2]


For the gene symbols corresponding many probes, we take the median of those probes’ expression values as the corresponding gene symbol’s expression value.