hal9001 0.2.7

As of September 2020: * adds a summary method for interpreting HAL regressions (https://github.com/tlverse/hal9001/pull/64) * adds a software paper for publication in the Journal of Open Source Software (https://github.com/tlverse/hal9001/pull/71)

hal9001 0.2.6

As of June 2020: * Address bugs/inconsistencies reported in the prediction method when trying to specify a value of lambda not included in initial fitting. * Addresses a bug arising from a silent failure in glmnet in which it ignores the argument lambda.min.ratio when family = "gaussian" is not set. * Adds a short software paper for submission to JOSS. * Minor documentation updates.

hal9001 0.2.5

As of March 2020 * First CRAN release.