polAr 0.2.0

New CRAN submission:

1. Add Legislative workflow functions:

show_available_bills(), plot_bill(), get_bill_votes()

2. Add GEO workflow functions:

get_grid(), show_arg_codes(), recode_grid(), get_geo(), map_results()

3. Add speeches workflow functions:

show_available_speech(), get_speech(), plot_speech()

4. New verbs for electoral data:


Agu 17, 2020: dev version

  1. show_available_bills() to explore data

  2. plot_bill() to quickly visualize voting totals

  3. get_bill_votes() to download invividual voting records


Jul 31, 2020: dev version

  1. get_grid()

  2. show_arg_codes()

  3. recode_grid()


Jul 26, 2020: dev version

  1. Modify dims check in compute_seats() to allow computing whether the names of parties have been added explicitly with get_names() or not

  2. Add party id variable in compute_seats() output. This allows compute_disproportion() computation workflow.


Jul 5, 2020: dev version

  1. get_multiple_elections() helps downloading multiple elections data with only one call.

  2. compute_seats() assigns the expected number of seats that a party should get bases on it´s votes.

  1. exploring data with show_available_speech()

  2. downloading data with get_speech()

  3. visualize data with plot_speech()


May 26, 2020: dev version

polAr 0.1.3

CRAN release

polAr 0.1.2

May 9, 2020: resubmitting whith reviewer changes requests

polAr 0.1.1

May 6, 2020: resubmitting with fix in minor bugs

polAr 0.1.0

May 5, 2020: first submission to CRAN