CRU CL 2.0 data are provided by the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. This data-set is owned by its author, Mark New. It is being distributed, where necessary by Tim Mitchell. Users should refer to the published literature for details of it. The data set may be freely used for non-commerical scientific and educational purposes, provided it is described as CRU CL 2.0 and attributed to: New, M., Lister, D., Hulme, M. and Makin, I., 2002: A high-resolution data set of surface climate over global land areas. Climate Research 21:1-25 To cite getCRUCLdata in publications, please use:

Sparks AH (2017). “getCRUCLdata: Use and Explore CRU CL v. 2.0 Climatology Elements in R.” The Journal of Open Source Software, 2(12). doi: 10.21105/joss.00230.

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