betapart 1.5.4

Updated functional.betapart.core.pairwise() to get vertice coordinates in the output ‘details’

betapart 1.5.3

new features

functional.betapart.core() was updated. Options can be passed to qhull to prevent some crashes and a progress bar can be displayed.

When setting multi=TRUE, the function stop earlier if the number of communities is too important.

New fonction to control options passed to qhull for convexhull estimation:

New function to compute rapidly pair-wise dissimilarty matrices:

functional.beta.pair was updated to integrate functional.betapart.core.pairwise

betapart 1.5.2

New features

Updated functional.betapart.core() to allow internal parallel computing

New function to customize parameters for the internal parallel computing :

betapart 1.5.1

New features

Updated functional.betapart.core() to allow parallel computing

betapart 1.5.0

New features

New functions to fit, plot and bootstrap distance-decay patterns

betapart 1.5.0 includes three new functions: