fstcore 0.9.6

With version 0.9.6, the license of fstcore changes from AGPL version 3 to MPL version 2. This allows for less restrictive use of the fstcore package. In particular, closed-source (commercial) solutions can now use fstcore (call it’s API), as was impossible under AGPL (under AGPL, products can only use fstcore if they make the products source code available under AGPL or more restrictive license).

Library updates


Bug Fixes

fstcore 0.9.4 (2020-05-04)

R package fstcore contains the R bindings to the C++ fstlib library needed to interface with fst files as well as the LZ4 and ZSTD sources. It was developed as a package separate from the fst package to facilitate independent updates to the fstlib, LZ4 and ZSTD libraries.