ichimoku 0.2.0

ichimoku now has the following capabilities: * visualization layer: compute and plot ichimoku cloud charts. * strategy layer: tools for creating and backtesting ichimoku strategies. * ML layer: tools for further developing quantitative ichimoku solutions.

New features: * Create and backtest ichimoku strategies. * New all-greyscale ‘mono’ theme. * tradingDays() function to allow customisation of holidays when calculating the future cloud.

Updates: * Ichimoku object specification updated - this is breaking but can be fixed by re-running ‘ichimoku()’ on previous objects. * Ichimoku objects now inherit ‘xts’ and ‘zoo’ classes for better integration with other econometrics and analytics packages. * Package now depends on Rcpp and requires compilation - added more performant rolling window functions minOver() and maxOver() using customised C++ algorithm. * ‘RcppRoll’ and ‘timeDate’ package dependencies retired. * ‘sample_ohlc_data’ updated to better demonstrate new features.

Other: * Updated with CRAN release status.

ichimoku 0.1.2

ichimoku 0.1.0