rerddapXtracto 1.1.1

Fixed problem with ‘rxtracto()’ example

rerddapXtracto 1.1.0

rerddapXtracto 1.0.2

Vignette is now completely static

rerddapXtracto 1.0.1

Fixed bug in ‘rxtracto()’ request date element of the return structure.

rerddapXtracto 1.0.0

rerddapXtracto 0.4.8

fixed problem in ‘plotBBox’ when name is given for colorbar

rerddapXtracto 0.4.7

rerddapXtracto 0.4.6

Changed vignette to work with latest version of ‘plotdap’ that now uses the colors from the ‘cmocean’ package

rerddapXtracto 0.4.5

Added maptools and rgdal to Suggests to be consistent with of plotdap v0.0.4

rerddapXtracto 0.4.4

rerddapXtracto 0.4.3

rerddapXtracto 0.4.2

rerddapXtracto 0.4.1

rerddapXtracto 0.4.0

rerddapXtracto 0.3.5

Initial CRAN release