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This package allows the use of Observable notebooks (or parts of them) as htmlwidgets in R.

Note that it is not an iframe embedding a whole notebook – cells are <div> included directly in your document or application. You can choose what cells to display, update cell values from R, and add observers to cells to get their values back into a Shiny application.

The following GIF shows a quick example of reusing a bar chart race notebook inside R with our own data.


You’ll find more examples and the associated R code in the robservable gallery.




The package is not on CRAN yet, but you can install the development version with:



For an introduction and examples, see the introduction to robservable vignette.

For a small gallery of interesting notebooks, see the robservable gallery vignette.

For usage in Shiny, see the robservable in Shiny applications vignette (work in progress).