Introduction to spacey

spacey is a package designed to make it trivial to produce beautiful rayshader maps for locations in the United States, letting you easily obtain and combine USGS and ESRI map data into 2D and 3D images. This vignette will walk through the basic utilities in spacey and their expected uses.

First, let’s load our package:


The most comprehensive command in spacey is automap, which only requires two vectors, one for latitude and one for longitude1, in order to quickly generate a rayshader image. In fact, you can use as little as a single coordinate pair:

automap(44.121268, -73.903734)

And it isn’t much harder to add overlays of satellite imagery:

automap(44.121268, -73.903734, overlay = "World_Imagery")

Or turn those into 3D visuals:

  overlay = "World_Imagery",
  method = "3d",
  zoom = 10