updog 2.0.2

This is a massive edit of the updog software. Major changes include:

  1. No more support of model = "ash". It seemed that model = "norm" was always better and faster, so I just got rid of the "ash" option. This also extremely simplified the code.
  2. Removal of mupdog(). I think this was a good idea, but the computation was way too slow to be usable.
  3. Revision of model = "f1pp" and model = "s1pp". These now include interpretable parameterizations that are meant to be identified via another R package. But support is only for tetraploids right now.
  4. multidog() now prints some nice ASCII art when it’s run.
  5. format_multidog() now allows you to format multiple variables in terms of a multidimensional array.
  6. Fixes a bug where format_multidog() was reordering the SNP dimensions. This was fine as long as folks used dimnames properly, but now it should allow folks to also use dim positions.
  7. Updog now returns genotype log-likelihoods.

updog 1.2.1

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updog 1.1.0

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